our mission

Our mission is to change the way the world uses water. Using our advanced technology solutions, water utilities are able to better educate their consumers about how much water their household is using, how it compares to others and how they can save money. These benefits translate into significant system-wide savings for utilities in the form of avoided costs for water, energy, treatment, and future capital investments which helps ensure sufficient supplies of our most precious resource for all our communities.


Peter Yolles and Rob Steiner founded WaterSmart Software in November 2009. After extensive careers focused on water management, they identified an opportunity to develop a unique combination of behavioral psychology, data analytics, and cloud computing to improve global water management. After winning an inaugural Imagine H2O water technology prize, the company set about building out the tools needed to realize its vision. From its first utility customer in 2011 through today, the company has continued to forge a path of technological innovation in the water industry, and is truly beginning to change the way the world uses water.