What is WaterSmart?

WaterSmart is a software-as-a-service offering that transforms your meter read data into a highly effective, customized water conservation and customer engagement program.

  • Your customers receive WaterSmart's world-class Home Water Reports and self-service Web Portal.
  • Your utility receives analytics that reveal insights into your customers, their consumption, & their program participation.
  • WaterSmart is quickly and seamlessly deployed to the web and requires no integration or hardware on your part.

Why leading Conservation Managers and General Managers are deploying WaterSmart...

  • Avoid New Water Purchases

    Reduce water demand by 5% in 6 months (see case study).
  • Amplify Existing Conservation Programs

    Gain a 3x boost in program adoption (see case study).
  • Engage Your Customers

    See a 14% jump in online engagement (see case study).
  • Boost Customer Satisfaction

    Fulfill customers’ increasing desire for information and control.
  • Acquire Customers’ E-mail Addresses

    Convert more customers to e-billing and online payment.
  • Transform your Meter Data

    Make AMI or traditional data an asset that reduces costs.
  • Solve Acute Water Issues

    Reduce peak demand and irrigation runoff.
  • Hit Conservation Targets

    Meet or exceed regional goals like California’s 20x2020 goal.
"Very beneficial. It has triggered customers asking if they are efficient or not and asking how they can do more to conserve."
Richard Harris
Manager of
Water Conservation
"The program was easy to implement and we began seeing positive results within a few billing cycles."

Fiona Sanchez
Assistant Director
Irvine Ranch Water District
"[It] enables us to have sustained, personalized communications with our customers. The Home Water Reports generated a measurable increase in interest in the City’s conservation programs."

Damien O’Bid
City of Cotati

How it Works

WaterSmart’s world-class Home Water Report and Web Portal products power your branded, customer-centric water conservation and engagement program.

1.  Seamless Launch of your Program

  • You provide meter and rebate data from ANY system.
    Absolutely no hardware or integration hassle.
  • We deploy your customized and branded water
    conservation program in about a week.
  • Your program is configured to address your issues,
    like seasonal patterns, specific rebate programs, and goals.

2.  Engagement and Water Efficiency Made Easy

  • Customers receive Home Water Reports via paper or email.
    Each is tailored to help them understand their water use, how
    it compares to similar homes, and actions they can take to
    use water more efficiently.
  • Customers are guided to your Consumer Web Portal where
    an interactive experience reveals tailored and actionable
    guidance on exactly how to save water.
  • By capturing e-mail addresses, the Portal contributes directly to your e-bill and e-mail marketing efforts.

3.  See the Impact

  • Your campaign's performance is measured, distilled, and
    cleanly presented via your Water Efficiency Dashboard.
  • Customer relationship management tools allow
    your team to easily find campaign and account details.
  • Analytics & Reporting capabilities offer revealing insight
    into your customers, consumption, and program participation.

Why it Works

We use personalization and persuasive product design to produce real and sustained behavior change.

A Proven Approach:

  • Transform consumption data into understandable, compelling, and actionable water use information.
  • Give customers steps they can easily follow to make change happen and celebrate their successes.
  • Make change more likely to happen by delivering the right information at the right moment in the right medium.

Behavioral Science Mechanics

We've learned that people pay attention when they see how their usage compares to their neighbors. We fairly compare people to homes with similar water needs.

Targeted Messaging Engine

We've learned that for targeted messaging to work effectively and broadly, it needs to function without over-burdening the customer to supply information.

We uniquely combine water consumption data, program participation data, real-estate data, and climate data to paint a customer profile and recommend only the most relevant and effective water-saving strategies.


We've learned that customers, particularly engaged ones,
need to feel control over their use in order to act on water-saving recommendations.

The customer can fill out the Household Profile to offer a better picture of their home's characteristics. We use this information to then show, for example, how water is likely being used across their home.

Compelling Presentation

We've learned that transforming data into desirable, consumable
information is the first step in successfully engaging customers.

We constantly experiment with and evolve how we present information to customers so that they quickly and effectively understand their water use.

Drought Relief is Closer than You Think

WaterSmart’s proven platform gives you timely, effective response

Instant Outreach

JANUARY 14 2014

“WaterSmart’s reports are a drought-fighting tool that change
behavior and promote conservation.”

Simplified Conservation

Motivate your customers to reduce water use via peer comparison. Empower them to act by offering personalized, step-by-step recommendations.

Measurable Impact

See detailed reporting on conservation gains. Learn which programs are effective. Optimize your conservation strategy.

Confirmed Cloud Security

With WaterSmart, your data is securely hosted in the Rackspace Cloud. Our application servers are protected by state-of-the-art building access controls,video surveillance and 24x7 on-site security.

Rackspace’s facilities and security procedures are regularly subject to independent 3rd party reviews and certifications.

High Availability

WaterSmart creates daily backups of your data, and we regularly validate our documented restore and failover procedures.

As a Rackspace customer, our servers are connected to multiple high-performance networks, uninterruptible power supplies, backup diesel generators, fire-safety systems, and a full time operations staff to take care of any hardware problems.

Secure Authorization & Authentication

WaterSmart supports SSL-encryption, uses best-practice password cipher policies, and maintains portal access logs to maximize your customers’ online security.

Our Water Efficiency Dashboard employs role-based authentication to provide variable levels of access to administrators in your organization. Monitor access through our engagement reports, or export the data to the reporting platform of your choice.

Data Separation

WaterSmart provisions each utility customer with its own private database instance and FTP space, eliminating the possibility of data corruption, entanglement, or privacy breach caused by data source co-mingling.

Your utility and customer data is never available or visible to any other utility or their customers.

Access Control

WaterSmart’s servers and your data are only accessible via SSH public/private key-pair authentication. Each key-pair is individually assigned to a WaterSmart employee to ensure safe provisioning and access control procedures.

In addition, each WaterSmart staff member is required to sign a non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement prior to employment.

Privacy & Trust

WaterSmart faithfully adheres to our publicly posted Privacy Policy. We do not share personally-identifiable customer information with anyone without your prior authorization, period.

We believe in building trust with our customers through transparency. We pledge to notify our customers when problems arise, and to work with with them to solve problems for the long term.

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